The Lost Ways Review

This site contains The Lost Ways review of an elaborate program that is aimed at preparing people to deal with the worst-case scenarios characterized by diminished resources. The program tries to achieve this objective by explaining how our forefathers managed to survive despite the fact that that they lacked the many conveniences of modern times such as electricity, cars, cell phones and the internet.

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Who is the creator?

The Lost Ways survival guide is was created by Claude Davis. He may have been little known before the creation of this program, but we can be sure he will attract all sorts of attention. As it were, he is already walking the talk, quite literally. He lives in a self-built log cabin with his wife and two children. His home alone is however not the only evidence that he is reconnecting with our forefathers, this old fashioned guy also cooks outside on an open flame in a cauldron most of the time. In addition, Mr. Davis wears nothing but hand-made clothes.


How does the program work?

The Lost Ways book will teach you how to survive some of the worst turbulence in life and even manage to land on your feet when it is all over. The ideas incorporated here are based on what is believed to have been the driving force of our fore fathers and what may have kept them going in spite of the harshness of their times.

One such idea shows how the Native Americans built the subterranean roundhouse, an underground house considered as a perfect refuge from storms or explosions. You will also learn how to make foolproof traps, just as our forefathers did. There is also a segment in the program that educates on the techniques of preserving clean water for your family cost-free, as well as how to make super food with basic ingredients present in any Walmart.

The Lost Ways Book

What you will learn

The good thing about this program is that it is not a one-man’s show, as each of these survival tactics are taught by people who have been in real life situations that made them explore the techniques. Their ingenuity to reenact these lost skills is what makes this program gain such a high level of credibility.

With a view to unearth the essence of the Lost Ways book, every method in this program revolves around three fundamental rules which are necessary to follow.

The first rule is not to take things for granted: In the event of a disaster, it is often every man for himself. It therefore behoves everyone to have the necessary skills to enable them deal with the event at a more personal level.

The second rule is to learn from history: While making an allusion to the good old adage people who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes’’, It explains the many catastrophic events that happened in the history of mankind, which left all involved helplessly at the mercies of the calamities as they did not have the requisite survival skills.

Lastly, everything is up to the people who want to make things happen: This rule explains that man can at times be the creators of circumstance as opposed to being the victim all the time.


The Lost Ways by Claude Davis comes highly recommended. The program has been developed with preppers in mind, as it also focuses on equipping people with skills to cushion themselves against an ever-increasing threat of major disasters characterized by uncontrollable economic meltdown, wars, famines and extreme natural disasters.

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